1. claim your space and build a border around your space so people know not to build in your space
  2. respect other people’s spaces. don’t build on their space without permission just as you wouldn’t want them to tear down or build on your space without your permission.
  3. you will find spaces that are not claimed where there are structures built… these are shared/public space where anyone can build
    1. communicate with each other on how to work together in these spaces and decide what to build.
    2. don’t destroy other structures that you didn’t build even in shared space.
    3. use your best judgment just as you would when you are playing with school
  4. be respectful. everything you guys say and do are monitored. we have already banned one person for vandalizing other people’s property… bad words and bad behavior will be noted and reported to your parents.
  5. that’s it… Have fun, be silly, be creative
  6. Last, but not least: Listen to your parents – when it’s time to get off, don’t wait for the 2nd or 4th time to get off Minecraft!